select the best

Childcare Consultants


select the best

Childcare Consultants

a happy balance

Juggling a healthy family life with today's fast paced careers can quickly become overwhelming. Access to professional childcare is essential to ensuring your time spent away is safe, allowing you the peace of mind to truly enjoy those moments you share together. 


While Mary Poppins has already been placed, years of industry experience allow us the level of insight to ensure the right fit for your family. (Umbrellas available upon request)

CHildcare Seminars

Join us for one of our free monthly meet-and great events, where our industry experts answer your questions and offer solutions to navigating your individual needs in the placement process. 

Extensive Background checks

Our Industry leading background investigation ensures there's no mystery when it comes to the safety of your family.

All Abroad Child care

Need a little extra assistance on your next vacation abroad? NSC provides familiar service in select foreign countries.


Our Process

Our Process

The Right Fit

There is no family like yours. Many agencies piecemeal their placement with simple phone interviews. At Nanny Select Chicago we provide in-home consultations with you and our Nannies to ensure the right fit for everyone. 

Where is your agency now?

So, you've got a nanny. You've paid the placement fee. Now what? This is where most agencies end their support. Nanny Select Chicago closely monitors the first weeks of employment from both ends, Family and Nanny, and provides a month end in-home consultation to ensure expectations match performance.


Extensive Background Checks

  • SSN Trace
  • County Criminal Court Search
  • Nationwide Criminal Database
  • Motor Vehicle Record
  • Nationwide Sex Offender Database
  • Nationwide Wants & Warrants
  • 7-Year Federal Criminal Court Search
  • Patriot Act Database

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